Bug: Danfoss LC13


The Danfoss LC13 (and perhaps a lot other devices)
When you adjust the temperature and, then the device wakes up, it adjust. just like we want.


You adjust, vera reloads, and then the device wakes up… well there is no command to change temperature anymore :frowning:

I adjust 15 LC13 via scripts, and I often see a reload and then need to execute the script 2-3 times to get all adjusted.

Hello cokeman,

Why would Vera reload? Maybe we can find out from the logs, I sent you an email, could you reply so we may work on this?

Enjoy the day,

I use Popp POPE010101 (= Danfoss) and at the beginning I had similar strange problems with this device. Then I turned off polling (which was activated as default) and immediately the problems disappeared.


Well, please do this test.

in gui, adjust temperature on 2 devices and then wake one up (Press temp down button on the device), and see that it will adjust.

Then reload the engine (Settings -> Z-wave settings -> advanced -> Reload engine)

wait until reload is complete and then wake up second device. when I do this, there is no command to change temperature.

I tried it with no problem.
For me your problem looks similar to my former problems. After some surveillance I noticed, that the real wakeup period of device and the wakeup period of the device noticed in vera were different. If vera and the device did not connect for a certain time, then the device seems to go in a “sleeping” state with a long wakeup cycle. Then the device was not more reacheable from vera.

First I bypassed the problem with 5 min wakeup time - and so the device and vera met for setpoint sync all 10 min (! not all 5 min ! ). Then I realized, that the problem was caused by polling. After switch off polling (settings > Poll this node at most once every 0 sec) the wakeuptime in the device and in vera matched and all problems disappeared.

By the way: Normally I also use lua to set and watch the devices. I use “SetCurrentSetpoint”.