Bridging Veras and Primary / Secondary Z-Wave Control

Since this thread is in the Getting Started & Initial Setup section, I’d just like to point out a couple of details that really should be blindingly obvious.

  1. What @akbooer has kindly pointed at, with regard to directly editing the user_data file, is a very advanced action with a strong likelihood of rendering your Vera inoperable if you are not an experienced user or a programmer type that is very familiar with Linux.

  2. If you must go down this path, make sure that you first understand how to unbrick a Vera with a firmware reflash and that you take a backup of your Vera AND the Z-Wave Network before you begin.

You have been warned.

akbooer, thanks for the references. I have gotten as far as looking at the user_data and did find the upnp discovery items under <upnp_devices> </upnp_devices>. I will do a backup and see if I can remove them after the holiday. It seems quite straight forward.

And a note about Z-Waver?s post, he is absolutely correct about this being some advanced programming and if you do not know what you are doing, and believe me even if you are quite experienced, you can lock up your Vera (brick it) and then it can be a mother to fix. You can make it so even support can?t get into it to fix it for you. I have screwed up way too many times, so I know and I have been a systems programmer for over 25 years.

This is not originally my post and I think I will start a new one in advanced / programming if I need to continue this discussion. Thanks for the help guys.