Bridging Vera Plus and Vera Edge

Based on posts within this forum and a couple FAQ’s from main site, I have tried to bridge a Plus and an Edge using UPnP. I have added the Edge to the Plus via UPnP. Then, I have tried “Controller Shift” first on the Edge, and later on the Plus, with no luck from either effort; both devices remain in a state reporting:


*I do note that House Id differs across the devices and that they both report Node 1 SUC 1.


-Edge and Plus are on the same LAN with same manual IP configurations (pointing to same subnet, gateway and DNS server).

-Neither device has WiFI enabled.

-Both controllers are to date, running 1.7.3014.

-Though I typically access the controller’s by direct IP, when I access the generic logon screen, both controllers are accessible through the same account/same page.

To be candid, I am stumped and I am willing to bet there is something painfully simple and painfully obvious that I am missing…

May I trouble those who know the path to help me find my way?

Thank You In Advance,


UPNP bridging is not related to the z-wave settings in any way. So you only have to focus on the upnp/lan side of the units.

As prerequisites both Vera’s need to be in the same subnet. On the, soon to be master unit, you have to go to Devices->Add devices-> Upnp devices and follow the wizard to bridge the units through LAN. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to involve our support team as well.(see my signature.)

Thank You John,

I have reached out to Support as advised.

Much appreciated,