Bridging strategies


I have just ordered a VeraPlus and am thinking about bridging it with my Vera 3 to try and make things more reliable, if this is possible! I am intending on building things up from scratch to try and ensure it is solid. On my current system I always found it is generally plugins that cause reboots, so wondering if trying to split things might help. Does anyone have good experience of this? I make heavy use of the following:
PLEG - for security, occupancy, complex stuff
DSC plugin - for alarm and all sensors included for motion detection etc. Quite important it is responsive as motion sensors drive lights and security functions in PLEG
Sonos plugin - 5 Sonos around the home.

I am considering the merits of the following:

  1. Veraplus as master, managing all Z-wave devices and PLEG. Vera 3 hosts DSC and Sonos plugins
    Possible issues - not sure on the delays this will cause, eg with motion triggered events that come from the DSC
  2. Veraplus as master, managing all Z-wave devices. PLEG, DSC and Sonos all on Vera3
  3. Veraplus as master, managing all Z-wave devices with PLEG and DSC. Only sonos managed from Vera3, with possibly a “quarantine” for suspect devices (eg if I think one is causing a problem with reboots, I move it to Vera3 so I can still use it whilst I see if it solves the issue) or as repeater upstairs, as it will be hard wired into network so can manage sonos from there.

Any pros or cons that anyone who has experimented with different approaches can advise on?