Board for LG 3 Wire

Your’re confusing FW with Hardware.

The Lite, Vera 3 and Vera G have a 300 series chipset verses the current production models that use a 500 series.

UI7 FW will run on a Lite or Vera 3, but it’s the new 500 series devices that will not be detected or included.
Z-UNO is based on a 500 series SDK so it just won’t work.
One way around that problem is to use a Gen 5 UZB like the Black Cat with a Lite or Vera 3, I’ve tried this with the G, but was unable to get it to work due to a manufacturer lock (not Mios, but that’s another story).

[quote=“elnino, post:17, topic:199925”][quote=“zedrally, post:15, topic:199925”]I could loan you a [font=verdana][size=1em]Black Cat UZB[/size][/font] which is a static controller but you would need to download free software such as Homeseer 930day), OpenHAB etc off the net.
Probably not ideal as Josh is using Vera as a HAC.[/quote]

I am running OpenHAB at my place already so it would be relatively easy to test/implement I would have thought. It’s an option if OP want’s to go that route…[/quote]

I’m happy to loan you a UZB, it works well with OpenHAB. PM me for details.