Bluetooth Plug Module - Monoprice

Saw this product this morning and thought it was interesting with the inclusion of NFC operation, not shipping yet but coming soon.

Edit: It seems what they mean by NFC is using the bluetooth to gauge proximity, since they only have an iOS app currently (and Apple doesn’t offer NFC). Still cool and decent price.

They also have this 6 Zone Home Audio Multizone Controller and Amplifier Kit with RS232 for distributed audio:

They have also added a lot of IP Cameras and have this one on sale currently:

Happy Holidays!

Looks like they have a power strip too:

Could be an interesting extension if it could be controlled via bluetooth dongle (assuming support could be added to this from Vera)

I know the proximity features may not work in the real world, since I don’t walk around the house with my phone in my pocket typically, but it gets us closer to a solution that could work. A small Bluetooth key fob for the keychain might work, but again I set my keys down next to my phone.

I guess a body implant may be my only solution, or Bluetooth underwear (I almost always were that). :stuck_out_tongue: