Blown Out/Bright Objects

This is not directly related to vera but I hope somebody can help me anyways. I bought some Hikivision cameras and two of them are recording the area along a wall. Everything works just fine during daytime. However, during nighttime the infrared LEDs reflect of the wall making the wall a bright white while everything else (the interesting part) disappear in a mud of gray. Is there a way to blend out the wall/rafter areas and let them wash out while the camera keeps a good exposure level and contrast for the rest or the area?

You would have to see if you can change the camera’s settings. I don’t have this camera so check your manual if you can control brightness, contrast, and LED illumination power. If you can’t change anything that’s helpful to the issue then you will have to point the camera at a slightly different angle to achieve what you want.

Newer Hikvision firmware allows you to disable the IR LEDs if desired. You can then use external IR LEDs and tune them just how you want them.

I had to do that on one of mine…

Thanks for the replies. What would help is if I can define the contract for just a PART of the image. However, I haven’t found anything like that. I am not sure if using external IR emitters will help in my case because I would have to point them significantly away from the wall which means along the wall it will be pretty dark. What was your situation for using an external IR light?