Black Friday/Holiday Deals


Just curious if anyone has heard of any upcoming Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or other holiday deals? I am sure the Smartest Home will have something, but what about others?

If you hear of an upcoming deal it would be cool if you post it here.


No one?

The Smartest Home released their deals:

Any others?

We’ve got some sweet deal too:
And more to come.

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US only :worried:

And not really of interest to existing customers as they all (so far?) seem to include controllers?

Do many people have >1 controller? Actually that’s a serious question. Other than range issues (which may be more prevalent in US houses) why would you need one? (Obviously if you’ve got several homes then you’ll need one)

I get they’re starter kits BTW :slight_smile:


Stand-alone devices will follow shortly :wink:


For us right pondians as well? Pretty please?:slight_smile:

I’ve raised this already but I can’t make any promises at this point :neutral_face:

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Just a Vera Edge which is more than capable of dealing with automations here. Home Assistant deals with the more exotic requirements running on a Rock64 4Gb both talking to each other so I don’t see me needing a new Vera controller any time soon unless it packs up.

I understand, @sorin. Thanks :slight_smile:

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