Beta - VeraMobile v.7.50.554 / MiOS v.1.0.556 for Android

We’re releasing today a new Beta update for VeraMobile v.7.50.554 / MiOS v.1.0.556 for Android with the following:
New features for Ezlo controllers:

  • Add Learning mode functionality
  • Add Smart Start support
  • Add Location settings


  • Ability to enable/disable a garage door opener toggle in the in scenes actions;
  • Preset action for a device in a scene is now shown;
  • The command set as an action via Ezlo VOI in a scene, is not displayed when the scene is edited.
  • In edit mode, the thermostat is displayed with a set value.

For those of you that are Beta testers via the Google platform and want to test the build faster you can enroll at this link, as we’ve changed the tool to distribute the builds - if you haven’t done it already. If you already use the new tool, you’ll receive an app update with v.7.50.555 .



HOW does one mark a Scene as a “Favorite” so it will appear on the Dashboard? I’ve looked everywhere, but cannot find a “Star” or other indicator to click, as one would do for a fave device.

(Curiously, under the “Scenes” section of the Dashboard, it instructs users to “Choose your favourite scenes” but clicking that obviously has no effect.)

Hi Ioana

can you tell us more about this new feature please?
According to the Android application and from what I understood it allows to put the Ezlo controller as a secondary controller on an existing network but what are the prerequisites for that? Do you have a procedure?
Does this work with other Contromers besides Vera and Ezlo?
My Vera plus has a knot problem and cannot transfer the primary role, can this still work?

How can you manual change the device type, device file, device json, device category and device subcategory, like Vera ui7 on new ezlo hardware in application? Can you ssh into module?

You can’t as far as I know, which is a show stopper.

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I completely agree. This should not be the case!!! That was the beauty of Vera!!!

Repost regarding few questions, feature requests and suggestions: I am a Beta user, and noticed a few things that I believe needs to be implemented with the new Ezlo Experience before launched/released:

Need a way to update device type, device file, device .json, device category, device subcategory and adding custom .json files/etc.

Not all devices show up correctly when pairing them to the controller. If you know how to do that, and I just missed it, please let me know. If not, I strongly urge this as a feature request!!!

Also, suggest allowing Vera to be able to bridge these new Ezlo hubs and expose the UPnP. By the time the new hardware has third party plugins available, users will get frustrated on this transition. (I understand there is a way to bridge Ezlo to Vera as Ezlo as the Master from great work on GitHub), but that doesn’t help in supporting platforms like Home Assistant/etc.

Also, might be nice to have a PC interface or something to expose logs as well for superuser’s to troubleshoot issues to help out developers and all to fix bugs/third party plugins interopabilities/etc.