Beta - VeraMobile for Android v.7.40.492

Today we’ve submitted to Google store a Beta update for VeraMobile for Android v.7.40.492 with bug fixing.

Known issue:

  • Controller timezones are empty when connected locally (hub has no Internet access).

For those of you that are Beta testers via the Google platform and want to test the build faster you can enrol at this link, as we’ve changed the tool to distribute the builds - if you haven’t done it already. If you already use the new tool, you’ll receive an app update with v.7.40.491 .


The start up speed has improved from 30 seconds to less than 5. Also switching controllers, the speed has improved.

I would also add that there is no controller name on the dashboard, devices or scenes page, you have to press the menu.

Using .491 with Edge on fw .27, I notice that some VOI commands result in a response that is neither audible nor text. Thus I never see or hear the answer to my question.

See screenshot below for example.

Again, geofencing disables itself with no apparent reason.
Startup time is ok if you’re on the WiFi network, but if you are on cellular one it can take more than a minute (!!) to finally tell you “connection established” and load main screen with status of the devices.

Hi @kwieto, please share you android version.

Android Version 10 QP1A.190711.020
MIUI Global

Thanks @kwieto, we will check it asap.

Hi @kwieto, can you elaborate on geofencing disabling itself. When does this happen? Did you uninstall and reinstall the app?

Sure, but I can’t track the reason. It just happens, without any regularity or connection with any visible cause. I have notifications for my geofences and I just notice when they stop appearing.
If I go to the geofence settings when I am stopped being notified, I just see that geofencing is off.

At first I thought that it is related to updates (usually geofencing was disabled after updating to the new version), but it can turn off itself without any update, for example two days ago it went off again without any reason (I didn’t even use the app for last couple of days)

My phone enables cloning applications (I can create a clone of the app, considered as a separate instance), which I use for convenience as I have two controllers to manage and I thought that this might be a reason, but when I removed cloning I also got geofencing disabled.
I have to confirm, but as far as I remember sometimes it goes in a way that on the “main” app geofencing disables itself, while on the cloned one it works again.

I’ll check this for sure next time when It will go off again.

Aaand again, today geofencing disabled istelf. Every time I have to re-enable it I am asked if I allow the app to work in background.
As for cloned app, if geofencing is disabled, it turns off for both at the same time, and it is turned on again for both regardless on which app i performed such activity

Thanks @kwieto, seems like it is a permission issue. We will look into it.

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