Beta VeraMobile for Android v.7.40.459

We’re happy to announce we’ve submitted today a new VeraMobile for Android v. 7.40.459 beta update in Google store with the following:

Vera controllers:

  • Fix the issue where geofencing was not available for advanced users
  • Fix the delay when VistaCam702 live stream was opened
  • Fix an issue when spinning wheel was taking too long
  • Fix the icon for Philips Hue that was seen as a thermostat
  • Fix multiple app crashes
  • Add wizard for pairing the VistaCam1200*
    *VistaCam1200 - upcoming Wi-Fi 2-way audio video doorbell

Ezo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub, Ezlo Plus*,VeraEdge that runs Ezlo Linux firmware:

  • Add PIN code restrictions (add and remove daily/weekly restrictions) functionality for door locks that supports it
  • Ezlo VOI™ - fix an issue when the re-linking of Google Home/ Alexa account was not working.
  • Fix multiple app crashes
    Ezlo Plus* - upcoming Ezlo controller, soon in Beta testing.

For those of you that are Beta testers via the Google platform and want to test the build faster you can enrol at this link, as we’ve changed the tool to distribute the builds - if you haven’t done it already. If you already use the new tool, you’ll receive an app update with v.7.40.458.


Would love to know what is meant by:

“Fix an issue when spooning well was taking too long”

Perhaps “spinning wheel”? If so, I can confirm that the wait time after clicking on my Edge controller is now greatly diminished, on the order of 2 seconds’ delay instead of 15.

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Yep…looks like a wired auto-correct came along :rofl:. Thank you @LibraSun, is fixed now.

NEW FEEDBACK - Prolonged wait on Alexa screen

Under version .458 and firmware .25, clicking the Amazon device and then the Alexa screen leads to the following spinning wheel which seems to last indefinitely and therefore I cannot access the command interface for further testing.

UPDATE: My second attempt, which did not involve Force Closing the app, minutes later succeeded.

NEW (OLD) FEEDBACK - Cursor jumps to end of Command field during edit

When attempting to use the VOI command, while editing something I had already typed, the cursor insists on jumping to the end of the text field even though I placed it in the middle of the field where editing was needed.

This same symptom was present many revisions ago, and does not seem to have improved sense first reporting it. The consequence is more of an annoyance than a showstopper, but it means that edits take much more effort than necessary.

Can anyone replicate this problem?

I have the 7.40.459 Vera beta app on my Android phone.

I just installed the same version in to my 7 inch Android tablet now.

On the tablet under the Dashboard I added a new section called HVAC and added some of my devices to that section.

Then looking on the Vera app on my phobe I could see the new HVAC section and devices appear, that I just created on the tablet device.

So far so good. However the problem.

I then on the tablet device edited an existing section on the dashboard ("one that was previously created on the phone). I removed some devices and added some different ones.

However on the phone that particular section did not update to show my new changes. It was still showing the old devices I had removed from that section and the new devices I added to the section were not present.

I logged out of the Vera app on the phone and back in again but this section is still out of date and not the same as what I had confogured that same section to be on the tablet device.

Tablet Device - Correct

Phone Device - Now incorrect


So what’s the long term plan for this legacy Vera mobile app with the new Ezlo dashboard tweaks added on top?

Will it be phased out at some point for the new VueJS/Nativescript dashboard app?

Or will you keep and develop both apps in conjunction?


P.S.Add a dark mode to the Vera app.

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@cw-kid hi,
We will enable new dashboard app within legacy app in 6 weeks.

p.s. Adding Dark mode is also in the backlog but let’s see how fast we will deliver after very first release. :wink:

A little confused.

So to confirm.

  1. We have the original Vera mobile app with a new basic customisable dashboard. What we are seeing here in these screen shots.

  2. We have a brand new VueJS/Nativescript fully customisable dashboard app for Android and IOS and Web browser that is going to be better than Imperihome :grin:

  3. And then we will have the original Vera mobile app with the new VueJS/Nativescript dashboard within it.

I"m wanting number 2.

Hi @LibraSun , @cw-kid. Thanks for your feedback. I passed these bugs to the QA team.

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@LibraSun we’ve done a hotfix in Beta for the mentioned problems. Let us know if it is OK now.

Can confirm that the editing issue has been resolved with .463, thanks.

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Thank you for confirming this!We’ll move the build to GA :innocent: