Beta - Vera Mobile for iOS 3.56(3)

Hello guys,

A new update will be available soon on TestFlight.

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved remote streaming on eZLO controllers
  • Multiple fixes related to app stability

*The old Siri Shortcuts are disabled. The new shortcuts will let you choose from all your scenes with no number limitation (previous was limited to 30).


Now we can use Siri to its full capacity!
Siri can even control Alexa!!!

If I open TestFlight and connect to my EZLO Plus controller, will it hijack the devices and scenes programming that I have set up in the normal Vera app? I’m concerned about trying the new iOS 3.56 on TestFlight and maybe losing some or all of my work in my standard Vera app and not being able to go back, since there isn’t any way to back up our EZLO devices, yet.

Is totally safe to use the TestFlight version.
In general the mobile apps won’t break the hub. If they send something wrong trough the API, the hub just sends an error and ignores the call.
Also we usually publish in TestFlight versions that will end up in AppStore in 2-4 weeks.

Thank you, Adina. I may give it a try, then. If nothing else I can see how the TestFlight app works.

Cheers, and thank you again.

Adina- I’m in the Beta test program and have been away for about 2 weeks. I saw there was a new Beta version available before I left, but didn’t install it (to make sure I didn’t encounter any bugs).

I installed the latest of the 2 Beta releases (3.56 (5)) this morning, however, when I went to my cameras, it wouldn’t show a live video feed, just sat there with PLAY in the middle of the image, and no response when hitting play.

Went back and installed 3.56 (3), and the same thing. I tried taking screenshots like explained, but it wouldn’t send to your team.

So, went and installed 3.55 and that allowed me to view a live feed.

Just wanted to advise you of a potential problem. I’ve got both the Vera Plus and the Ezlo Secure contollers, but mainly monitor the Vera Plus because that is the only one that works with all my cameras at the present time. Also using the Veramobile on an iPhone 11.


Thank you for lettings us know about the problems you encountered.
I just distributed a new build 3.56(7), that should fix the live streaming issue on Vera hubs.
Could you please test and tell us if the problem persists?
Thank You,

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