Beta Testers for SquareConnect's native iPhone App wanted.

Sign up as a Beta Tester for the SquareConnect/Mi Casa Verde native iPhone app!

If you have a Vera system from MiCasaVerde, are comfortable with installing devices within Vera and performing tasks such as upgrading your Vera system firmware, and have an iPhone or iPod touch, then read on.

The number of places on the trial is limited - this is a real Beta test, not a marketing scam and we are limited by Apple to the number of testers we can give the app to before it goes on the app store. So we want those who are really passionate about this product and space and have some spare time over the next 4 - 6 weeks or so, and are willing to help us round off the rough corners of our software

Not everyone that signs up as a tester role will be able to participate (Apple’s limitations on numbers). We are looking for all kinds of testers, those that have a lot of experience with home control, as well as beginners, to make sure that we get the best all-round feedback. Early signers will get preference.

For those of you that want to take the ride and help us finalize what we think is the best iPhone application ever (!!) – follow this link to sign up for the beta test:

PS. Time is of the essence – we want to start this as soon as possible, so get that mouse moving, sign up, then spread the word!

I just signed up.

Thanks for keeping the community in the loop!

Let us all know if (for whatever reason) you don’t wind up with enough beta testers. I might be interested under such circumstances, but otherwise have too much “goin’ on” at the moment (sorry).

This is great news! I just signed up too…looking forward to helping you all with this this!

Thanks to everyone that has signed up. We have enough testers registered for the moment, and we will be mailing everyone that signed up in the next 48 hours. If there is a need for additional testers we will post another message in this forum.


Did anyone hear?

They are testing it in 3 waves…There is a small group in the first wave.

Ah, guess I wasn’t picked then

I understand it’s because of Apple… They only allow a very small number of “ad-hoc” beta versions of applications to be provisioned, and once you hit the limit, you can’t add another phone to test your app for 1 year!!! It’s pretty draconian from what I hear, and the process of installing a beta version of an app is tightly controlled by Apple.

That’s awful

Testing begins in about a week and a half

I look forward to the app.

Hi everyone. If you did apply to the beta test, and did not hear from us, please check your spam buckets! We replied by email to everyone that followed the link and submitted a request to be included.

I was on vacation & out of touch for the past few weeks and missed the deadline for signing up - is there any chance I can still get in on the Beta for this?

Hi crpeck,

As we stated in our first post, we are very limited on places for this beta trial so its not really possible right now. If we have people dropping out, I will post here again.


What happened with the testing? I got an email telling me I was selected and testing would be in a couple weeks. That was mid October and haven’t heard anything since.

Hi nolos…

If you were selected you should have received several mails from us since then. Perhaps they landed in the spam bucket. Can you please send me your email address (+Name) to my squareconnect account: john(at)

Is the SQ Remote finalized and been submitted to the app store? I see on the website a signup to notify when it has been approved, but was wondering if it was just waiting for approval at this point or if it has actually been submitted yet.

We have a few additional features to test with our beta users before we submit to the app store. We hope to be submitting very soon, hence the changes in our website. How long this will really take and whether Apple will have any change requests - we cant predict.

We will also post here in the Mi Casa Verde Forums as soon as the application is available.

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