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Hi @Rene,
thanks for the logs, looks like an issue with CC version.
Created a ticket and will check it asap.

Hi can you help me get the log extract

@Oleh In July I did quite some testing and reported a number of issues. You informed me you would check it and give it highest priority. We are now 3,5 months further and I did not gat any reply from you since.
I still see the can’t detect devices very often… I also provided you with firmware versions of the Aeotec DoorWindow ZW112. What is the outcome ? Did you solve it ?

@Melih to you take input of your users that beta test the new controllers serious ?
I’m very dissappointed in the progress past 4 months. I’m not the only one reporting issues. Makes no sense for me at this moment to put a lot of time in testing it further

Yes, very seriously.

Hi @Mai_Pensato,
thanks a lot for all feedbacks you provided.
I created tickets about all issues reported by you.

Fix for this issue will be available in next Thurday’s release.

We have a fix for this sensor, QA are checking it now and will be released in the next build.

What is your experience with http API ?
Did you have a chance to check device settings ?

Mai, we always checking all feedbacks from users, its very important for us.

I’ll be amazed if that really happens.

Vera couldn’t fix the “Can’t detect device” issue for years and seeing it happening again on the new Ezlo firmware was discouraging to say the least.

Good luck to you fingers crossed.

Please let me know after trying the new firmware if this is fixed for you not.
thank you!

Will do. I see it on a battery operated Everspring door contact sensor, been like that since day one after pairing it to the Ezlo hub.

When you open the contacts the “Can’t detect device” red banner then goes away. The device still functions OK.

After closing the contacts and leaving it awhile the “Can’t detect device” message always comes back.


Here the same experience. Oleh already promised in July/august it would be “fixed in next release”

@Mai_Pensato, it would be great to make remote SSH session to check your particular case.
Sent a message to your pm.

HI Oleh, thanks for your reply. Here an update from my side:
As mentioned before I have stopped testing the Ezlo plus somewhere beginning of August because of too many issues and bugs (see all my reports). I sometimes checked the app but I saw a lot of "can’t detect| errors.
A while ago I unpaired all the devices that were on my Ezlo plus because I started testing an alternative platform.
Unparing by the way went fast for some devices but in 1 or 2 other cases it was impossible to unpair them in the normal way (please don’t ask me which devices gave problems, I did not register this).
Recently I started up my EzloPlus again and added 3 devices to it: a FIbaro wallplug with a simple daily time scene to put on and off a LED light. This works all fine !
Because I have bought an Aeotec Z-stick I upgraded the firmware of my Aeotec Door-window sensor ZW112 from 1.2 to 1.3 And after that I connected this one again to my Ezlo Plus. And … it seems to work now (most of the time): I can see on my Ezlo the reaction on opening and closing the door. Also ill now I did not see the “can’t detect device” error on this one. Still I’m very curious what your findings and solutions are on this device, 3,5 months after I have reported the issue. If the problem is really the firmware version why would it take such a long time to solve it and reply back ?
The third device I have connected to the EzloPlus is the Aetotec WallMote Quad ZW130. It paired fine, I have now 5 devices but I have no clue how to use this is in scenes, at least I tried but it did not work.
It is on this device that I see the can’t detect device errors. But it is different on Android app than iOs app:
On the Android app I see “can’t detect device” and battery level shows 0%
On the iOs app I see “device failed to communicate” and battery level shows 100%.
When I push on a button of the WallMote it comes back to live in the app for a couple of hours.
On the Andoid app I noticed another weird thing: a couple of times it says no devices and no scenes on this controller ??? I really have to close the app and open it again to have the 3 devices and 1 scene back.

Concerning my experience with http API. I have read you have introduced it but is seems very very complex to me. I know that cw-kid spend many hours to dig in to this and wrote a “manual for dummies”. But I really need to find some time to try this.To be honest I fear it will take me too much time. Why not a simple and userfriendly solution like we have already for many years on the existing Vera controllers ?
I also did not have time to check device settings, I guess you mean parameters ? I know you also have a solution for this via apitool (?) but also this seems very complex to me.

I just replied to your pm

latest firmware and android app.
Unable to change house mode

Just get command fail.

Also the scene for changing house mode fails to change housemode.

I’ve passed this information to our devs. They’re looking into it.

Hi @ElCid, android team is checking the issue.

And this is why I’ve never used the Vera mobile app, its just shit.

Open the app leave it open on your phone for a while. And this is what you get.

nothing nada zip zilch…


It just doesn’t work properly and even when it decides to show you your devices, it still doesnt work properly.

It doesn’t auto refresh devices states properly either.

Turn on a plug with power metering, exactly how long am I expected to wait to see the KW readings?

Even device on off states are not always updated.

It’s just too buggy.

Why Ezlo didn’t drop it completely and build a brand new app that actually works from the ground up is beyond me.

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Please just build a decent UI8 Web GUI and I’ll use a 3rd party front end app on mobile devices, if any 3rd party developers even take the time to integrate with the new Ezlo APIs? :thinking:


Latest firmware on Ezlo Plus and latest Vera Mobile App (Android).
Eurotronics Stellaz and Heiman CH4 (HS1CG-Z) sensor are working now, thank you.
I’ve paired MCO Home A8-9 Multi-sensor, but no child devices. :frowning:
Fibaro CO Sensor shows child sensor “CO level sensor”, “Heat Sensor” but without any data, “Temperature sensor” shows correctly with actual temperature.
Ezlo Plus allows to bind devices with the same name, but then does not allow to use the same names when manually renaming also it cuts long names.
Old Evespring door bell UTSE03A shows as sensor with “Door bell” name.
Qubino 3-phase smart meter: pairing Qubino caused mixed feelings, after unpairing from Vera Secure, Ezlo Plus asked to choose a security class, then asked for a pin code, after entering the pin code, it wrote that it could not pair using a secure protocol. In the future, when unpairing and pairing, I did not offer to select the security class again and apparently added it in an unsecure mode. The devices look like Plugs, but despite this they show more data than the Vera Secure, i’am almost satisfied.
Also i still can’t delete broken device which i can’t unpair.

@Sorin How are he beta users are expected to leverage the bug tracker?

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