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And this is why I’ve never used the Vera mobile app, its just shit.

Open the app leave it open on your phone for a while. And this is what you get.

nothing nada zip zilch…


It just doesn’t work properly and even when it decides to show you your devices, it still doesnt work properly.

It doesn’t auto refresh devices states properly either.

Turn on a plug with power metering, exactly how long am I expected to wait to see the KW readings?

Even device on off states are not always updated.

It’s just too buggy.

Why Ezlo didn’t drop it completely and build a brand new app that actually works from the ground up is beyond me.

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Please just build a decent UI8 Web GUI and I’ll use a 3rd party front end app on mobile devices, if any 3rd party developers even take the time to integrate with the new Ezlo APIs? :thinking:


Latest firmware on Ezlo Plus and latest Vera Mobile App (Android).
Eurotronics Stellaz and Heiman CH4 (HS1CG-Z) sensor are working now, thank you.
I’ve paired MCO Home A8-9 Multi-sensor, but no child devices. :frowning:
Fibaro CO Sensor shows child sensor “CO level sensor”, “Heat Sensor” but without any data, “Temperature sensor” shows correctly with actual temperature.
Ezlo Plus allows to bind devices with the same name, but then does not allow to use the same names when manually renaming also it cuts long names.
Old Evespring door bell UTSE03A shows as sensor with “Door bell” name.
Qubino 3-phase smart meter: pairing Qubino caused mixed feelings, after unpairing from Vera Secure, Ezlo Plus asked to choose a security class, then asked for a pin code, after entering the pin code, it wrote that it could not pair using a secure protocol. In the future, when unpairing and pairing, I did not offer to select the security class again and apparently added it in an unsecure mode. The devices look like Plugs, but despite this they show more data than the Vera Secure, i’am almost satisfied.
Also i still can’t delete broken device which i can’t unpair.

@Sorin How are he beta users are expected to leverage the bug tracker?

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@Oleh @Ioana @adina.porea
I wanted to create a scene with trigger “at dawn” and “at sunset” without putting any action, the application refused, so I canceled the scene. Yesterday and today at sunset I received a scene notification and an email confirming the execution of this scene which does not exist …
Moreover, I can not access the interface, unable to connect to account. What’s going on ?

Hi @Mobilniy, thanks for the feedback.

In the HUBs API the limit for quantity of symbols - 30 symbols.
For names we don’t have any limitations for using/renaming to the same names in HUBs API, hubs are validating just IDs. If you want to have/rename devices with the same names you can do it directly with API request -
“method”: “”,
“id”: “ID”,
“params”: {
“_id”: “5cf0dc8c7f000068d223e889”,
“name”: “”

it would be great to make remote SSH session to check described cases.
Sent a message to your pm, check it please.

has anyone tried learning mode yet?

Just checked and it works good, can you try one more time.

Created a ticked, android team will check it asap.

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Hi @Oleh
no it does not work, I should see the name of the EzloPlus appear but there is nothing. I can’t connect from apitool

EDIT : it’s ok I am connected to Apitool now

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Hi @cw-kid , are you connected to a vera or ezlo controller? Does an application kill and restart resolve this issue? Does a logout login resolve this issue? When the devices are missing, please open the app menu, do you see a complete menu or a limited one?

At this moment it is not possible to create a scene without an action. But the scene should not be created. Can you try a logout/login to see if the scene is present?

I’m using Cyrillic names, maybe that’s the problem, sometimes it can cut and add “?” sign instead of last symbol.

Connected to Ezlo Plus.

Yes the devices are then listed again


A complete menu.

I’ve just clarified this with Gabriel @Gabi which is the PM team member that is managing the bug tracking platform. If anyone has detailed issues with logs and behavior/environment description, they can be submitted to the bug tracker and they will be sorted out and redirected internally.

Hi @cw-kid, @oleg.macovei,

I have reported this same issue of an empty device list after leaving your app idle for some time for many of the releases. It is not new.

Cheers Rene

captured…is this the one?

Hi @reneboer @cw-kid. This is a new issue linked to a new caching mechanism for devices and scenes. Can you provide more details? Did you lock the device with the app open? Or was the application left in background?

Hi @oleg.macovei,

It happens when you put the android device to the side with the app device list in focus, it goes on the screen saver and you then unlock the device again after some time. It is specific to the Ezlo controllers. Vera FW does not give this problem.

captured…is this the one? Close, missing menu items can happen if you leave the device for a longer time. Empty device list is much more frequent.

Cheers Rene

Ok. So the main difference is the missing menu: it the menu is missing/limited, then it is the disconnection bug, which we invested a lot of time to fix, but still can’t find the source of the problem. @cw-kid has the full menu, which is a new issue, linked to caching.

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