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Connecting the Vera app to Ezlo VOI is not the same thing as linking your Ezlo hub to the Alexa skill.

I have my Alexa linked to both my Vera Plus and Ezlo Plus.

As stated you need to also link the Ezlo skill in the Alexa app and then in the Vera gateway portal on the little drop down menu there is an area for Ezlo Alexa and you select which devices on the Ezlo Hub you want to expose to Alexa.

Regarding VOI that should also link to your Alexa account so you can then send text commands from the Ezlo hub / scenes to control devices connected to Alexa but that are not directly supported by the Ezlo hub.

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More GUI issues with the Android app.

Button controls just randomly disappear, look at the plugs no on / off buttons!

If you drag down to refresh they come back

I’ve also seen weird things appearing on devices like a LUX level item on a device that doesn’t even have anything to do with LUX.

Many refresh issues and glitches in the current Android app.

All devices just vanishing is also a problem.

It’s extremely buggy!

Incorrect KW readings also being displayed, no idea where its getting those high figures from.

Same devices in the Ui7 Web GUI.

Thank you for your bug report.
The issues were reported to Android team. Could you please tell us the version of the app you are using?
Thank you,

Hi Adina

I’m always using the latest version.

There are more refresh GUI issues also which I reported recently here

Thanks. .

Hi @cw-kid

how do you access the web interface of the Ezlo Plus? It is Vera no ?

Top secret :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am using the new VeraBridge for Ezlo plugin…

I’ve added my devices on the Vera Plus to also be on the Ezlo Plus.

Yes the Web GUI is the Vera Plus…


Thank you for your answer
does the plugin work well? stable? what can you do with it on the Ezlo plus?

It enables you to create “virtual” devices on the Ezlo Plus that mirror the real devices on the Vera hub.

So for example when you turn on / off a device on the Ezlo hub it actually controls that “real” device on the Vera hub.

So ideal for testing the Ezlo platform apps without actually unpairing your devices from the Vera hub etc.

Yes it’s working OK so far, there was a few bugs which Rene has already fixed.

Hopefully he can add the extra device types not currently support by the plugin.


Ezlo Plus is supporting now very wide range of ZigBee devices.
It would be great to have a feedback about your experience with Ezlo Plus and ZigBee.

@Oleh any news on the Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee device range?

I tried to add a temp humidity sensor but it did not pair at all.

@Mobilniy, thanks for the details.
We are checking this case.


Thanks for the description, we will check it with the cloud team and back to you.

@Odysee, thanks for details.
Did you see this behaviour before ? or just after update to 1.5.1088.1 ?

@ibrewster, did it happen with the update to 1.5.1088.1 ?

As reported before, the smartthings multi sensor pairs, but only as a temp sensor.

I have managed to pair a xiaomi aqura mini switch (scene controller) but no functionality.

Thanks, I’m impressed. Using the latest firmware tonight, just added my axis gear blind controllers and innr sockets nice and quickly, much more efficient than my veraplus!

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Found an issue, when trying to create a scene, in landscape (on iOS), can only see the device settings and a done button. Turning to portrait, I see there are some options for when to action.


What’s the model number of your Zigbee Innr plugs SP222?

I have the same with the xiami temp device. Never seems to complete.

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Yep sp222, they work, but show as a dimmer socket.

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