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It might be an iOS app feature then. Both Vera and MiOS beta apps has this:


The Android app does not (yet) have the HTTP request option for scene action.

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Not on Android not in the Vera mobile app that HTTP Request is not there !

I’ve just looked in the Mios app and its not in there either.

@Ezlo what is the ETA for adding HTTP requests to Scene actions on Android ?


how to simply make a virtual device without going through code?

It’s easy ish but I am tiring now to type things haha.

You need to SSH in to your Ezlo Plus controller using Putty and run these two commands first:

The uername is: root and the password is on the sticker underneath the controller.

opkg update
opkg install firmware-plugins-test_plugin

Go to the online Api tool here connect to the serial number of your Ezlo Plus. Use the Not Listed from the API calls drop down box.

In the text box enter this code and hit the query button to create a motion sensor.

 "method": "",
 "id": "12345",
 "params": {
 "script": "HUB:test_plugin/scripts/generate_devices",
 "scriptParams": {
 "device_type": "motion_sensor",
 "devices_count": 1

or this code to create a switch.

 "method": "",
 "id": "12345",
 "params": {
 "script": "HUB:test_plugin/scripts/generate_devices",
 "scriptParams": {
 "device_type": "plug_interior",
 "devices_count": 1

These are the types of devices you can add:


Also if you want to be able to control these devices inbound by sending a HTTP command to your Ezlo Plus controller see items 2 & 3 on this post here.


Just write all of them here and we will check it sap.

We have asked Ezlo for a proper bug tracking and feature request system, but alas we are just using the forums. So likely lots of our feedback is being missed in the mass or threads and posts.



Nothing missed.
We always checking all feedbacks and adding tickets to our Jira.

Maybe if you say so. :thinking:

The other problem is I might have reported a bug or asked for a feature rrwuest, which there have been many.

And then later I forget what I asked for LOL and probably won’t know where to even find it on the forum again.

A tracking system would of been better.

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For the feature requests we have special place in our JIRa and all of them are there.


The problem is I can’t see your internal system.

So I cant track the progress of bugs I have reported, to see if they are fixed or not yet?

So I am just guessing and waiting, maybe having to test the same thing several times to see if it now works as expected or not?

As no one tells me they are fixed necessarily.

Kodi for example have a public bug tracking system you can report bugs and see there progress by the Devs.


Just an idea on issue tracking, why don’t you run a weekly report from Jira and make it available in here?


While opening the Vera mobile app I keep getting the message “sorry we couldn’t establish a connection…”. I then have to select the Ezlo plus controller to be able to use it. After closing the app and opening it again it runs into the same message. However if I select my VeraPlus the app seems to be able to connect right away and after closing and opening the app it opens the VeraPlus dashboard right away.
Why is this different for EzloPlus??

Just to be clear: Can you confirm that there will come a web UI?

The Web GUI will have to come, there is s no way I am spending hours / weeks / months migrating to and setting up an Ezlo hub on a mobile phone app.

We have been told there will be a Web GUI before.

They have done it all the wrong way round IMHO, they should of built the Web GUI before further developing the existing Vera mobile app.


Yes, they already committed to it. I truly hope they’ll not leave it behind for too much, because right now it’s complicated to develop on the platform. And I hope they’ll add more dev tools into it.

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Hi @Ioana,

I included a scene controller with two buttons and used it as scenes trigger. Initially it worked fine, but after a few hours the scenes stop firing. In the ha-zwaved.log I can see the keypresses to get detected.
znet: central scene notification (node id: 8)
2020-09-12 13:59:56.103883 INFO : onUpdateSceneValue, nodeId: 8, command: 91, channelId: 0, sceneNumber: 1, value: press_1_time
znet: central scene notification (node id: 8)
2020-09-12 14:00:08.808378 INFO : onUpdateSceneValue, nodeId: 8, command: 91, channelId: 0, sceneNumber: 2, value: press_1_time

Also not seeing a broadcast message when buttons are pressed.

This is the device:

_id: "5f5b4715124c4110b0d0714e"
batteryPowered: true
category: "remote_control"
deviceTypeId: "816_768_41735"
firmware: 0:
   id: "816.771.0"
   version: "1.28"
gatewayId: "5eb2a5d200000014fb88839e"
  firmware.stack: "5.3"
  hardware: "1"
  manufacturer: "Unknown"
  model: "Unknown"
protocol: "zwave"
name: "SK_SchakLinks"
parentDeviceId: ""
reachable: true
ready: true
roomId: "5f5b7e0c124c4110b0d07153"
security: "no"
status: "idle"
subcategory: ""
type: "device"

Update. I found that the HC2 had crashed again and I needed to reboot it. 2nd time that has happened.

Cheers Rene

Cheers Rene

The app does not let you save any parameters. It’s let’s you add them, but the desired value and data size just do not save.

After adding the parameter if you close the Vera app and go back in to that devices Z-Wave settings again, is it then showing as being set?

I think it’s a view / refresh issue.

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