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Looking at the logs on my unit the backups are created once a day and for me at 17:00 CET. To me it seems the backup time is not using the controller local time. I’d rather have backups at 3AM as the unit goes to some kind of locked state during the backup. 5PM is not a good time to do that.

The list of backups is now also showing the one per day, at indeed 17:00 local time.

So, there seems some side effect of how log file uploading is set and what is listed as ‘backups’ in the hub.backups.list command.

IMO you need QA to have a good look at this again.

Cheers Rene

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I think the only people actually testing this stuff is you and me :open_mouth:

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The rest is not able to login to the web UI :wink:

Hi @cw-kid
I still can’t connect to web UI.
There must be a lot of work on the interface, two users who feed back the information like you are very good, with the experience, the explanations and the screenshots. I won’t do better than you but I’m frustrated that I can’t try at the moment


Any news on the login problems many users are having with the new Web GUI?


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@Pitt13, @cw-kid

Its the highest priority issue, we are working on it now.


@oleg.macovei @Oleh

Backups are not loading or appearing for me again.

Just getting the spinning wheel of doom :cry:


I wanted to test the each rotation thing again and see if there are any backup related settings in the web GUI?


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