Beta enrollment opened for Ezlo Atom v2

Hi all,

We’re opening the enrollment for the Beta testing of our second revision of the Ezlo Atom. From a hardware perspective Ezlo Atom v2 has the 700-series Z-Wave chip and this little but powerful monster can handle the max number of devices on zwave protocol which is 232 devices.

It will be available for both US and EU regions! The applications for Ezlo Atom v2 beta is now started If you are accepted we will ship to you a brand new Ezlo Atom v2 and you can also keep it after the Beta ends.

Beta Enrollment is closed

Beta is planned to start first with US-freq Ezlo Atoms and then be followed by the EU-freq Ezlo Atoms however you need to apply now if you want to join any one of these.
Exact timing of the beta is going to be announced here. New features for you to enjoy as part of the Beta program:

  • Ezlo VOI™ - the support for controlling the voice assistants is here. Ezlo VOI™ Controlling Voice Control is the maestro of IoT that can orchestrate all your smart devices, speakers and enables you to control your voice assistants wisely. Check the how to article here for more details about using this feature at it’s best.
  • Advanced scenes - are you tired of the lights that go on even if the sun is still up? Automate your Atom now and have the lights on only when you enter the room after sunset. Or maybe you don’t want to turn on the light when you check your kid, if he sleeps, but as soon as it’s school time, you want the lights to dim up slowly. It’s possible. In scene creation you can now use AND, OR, NOT logical operators, as well as the ability to create groups with the triggers, so that you can define the automations that best fits your needs.
  • Local mode - Operate your atom 100% locally with no cloud. Are you afraid your lights won’t turn on when you get home if your internet is down? No worries with Atom V2.
  • More devices integrated - this is a never ending story. More and more devices are integrated as we speak so you are always up to date with the coolest smart devices on the market.
  • Open API architecture - do you like to customize your platform and expand it more? Try out the open API for your Atom

Beta Enrollment is closed


I am using a pre-beta Atom v2 at home and it is fast and runs locally, love it!!!