Beta Android - Meet Ezlo VOI™

Our development team just wrapped up the work on this mighty feature we’re introducing today - Ezlo VOI™!

  • Ezlo VOI™ (Voice Orchestration Infrastructure) is a patent pending platform that enables you to control any device connected to voice assistants like Alexa or Google to do stuff for you. What that means is now with Vera app you can “CONTROL EVERYTHING”. But that’s not all, the magic is that you can now create scenes having all the triggers from the VeraMobile app, including the devices paired with your controller and perform actions on devices that are controlled by Alexa or Google - amazing, right?

You can even control SmartThings devices connected to Alexa or Google!

You can get Alexa to control Google…

You can get Google to control Alexa…

You can get Siri to control Alexa…

You can get Siri to control Google

You can get Hey Google to control Alexa…

But that’s not all, through Ezlo VOI™

-You can group your old Vera hardware with new Ezlo Atom together…

-You can have multiple Ezlo Atoms or Ezlo PlugHubs grouped together…

-And you can have ALL your IR and RF devices controlled, if you are using lets say Broadlink IR/RF devices.

and many more ideas too many to list here!

Control everything!!!

Just to give you an example you can set up a scene where if motion is detected or is sunset tell Alexa to turn ON the entrance light (Philips Hue connected to Alexa) and turn ON the living room TV (controlled by Broadlink hub) .


  • Ezlo Atom or Ezlo PlugHub
  • VeraMobile Beta app
  • Alexa or Google Home

To get the Android Beta build v.7.40.343 please follow this steps:

1. Make sure you are part of the Vera-Dashboard Google Group.

2. Point your mobile web browser to this address to get or update the app.

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Excellent work guys! I know this is only the start and you guys are working very hard bringing amazing innovation to our users. Keep up the great work, we have an amazingly technical user base who are experts in the home automation field and we are lucky and greateful to have them. With their feedback, guidance and with our engineering team’s capabilities we will create the best “connected IoT” experience for the masses!

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