Best way to run a scene from a PLEG

Newbie here. Just moved to Vera from Mr House.

I’m realizing that unless I want to learn a lot of Lua, PLEG is the way to go for complex situations.

I’m having trouble figuring out the best way to run a scene from PLEG.

I saw some forum posts mention that you can use PLEG’s RunScene from the Advanced tab, but when I try to pick a device and click “Add” on the advanced tab for a PLEG conditions action, nothing happens.

I have had success adding the PLEG condition as a trigger in the actual scene. But I’m unclear on the difference between “A condition is satisfied” and “A condition is satisfied with a specified status”. Is the latter the arm/bypass status of the PLEG object?


Minor bug …
Add any command from the device page first … Then delete it later … Then you will be able to add a command from the Advanced page.

For any other newbies finding this later, a bit of translation: Following RTS’s advice, I had the action turn on a device, then went to “advanced” and everything worked. Then I went back and removed the device-ON from the devices page.