Best way to link multiple light switches?

Any suggestions on the best way to link multiple light switches? Currently i use a scene to have the second switch triggered, however there is commonly a delay and sometimes it doesn’t seem to work at all.

The best way is to run a wire between them. :wink:

Jokes aside, you didn’t indicate what switches you are working with, but it sounds like the switches lack the Instant Status feature needed for delay free scene activation. You can find lots of information about Instant Status and the switches that have this feature here in the forums.

To eliminate the delay you will have to do one of three things:

a. Use switches that support Instant Status.

b. Use switches that support associations and use the association to link the switches independently of the scene. These may well be the same switches needed for Instant Status.

c. Depending on the switches that you have now, you may achieve an Instant Status like behavior if you relocate Vera closer to the switches so that Vera can directly “hear” any broadcasts that the switches make.

How long is the delay?
I have several scenes set up to trigger from light switches that also turn on other lights.
Even with ‘scene capable’ switches, there is a delay of a half second to a second before the other lights turn on.
This is due to the time it takes for the light switch to send it’s status update and then for the controller to activate the scene.

If you don’t have a scene capable switch, it might still work but the timing will be variable because the controller doesn’t know the switch is on until it polls the switch.
Polling is normally no more often than every 60 seconds but could be much longer.
The scene should eventually activate though, once the controller knows the switch is on.

For example, I have a scene triggered by turning on the light in the bathroom that also turn on the fan.
Another scene is triggered by turning on the front porch light that also turn on the walkway and garage outdoor lights.

The porch light switch in my garage is not scene capable so when I tried to do the reverse it didn’t work.
I have a detached garage and if I’m coming home late and I turn on the garage outdoor light as I exit, I wanted to turn on walkway lights and my front porch light also.
Unfortunately that doesn’t work until I replace the switch.

Another option is to use a switch that supports direct association like the Cooper or Leviton switch, these can be used to trigger scenes or to “associate” switches together to act like one switch. Association can have a slight delay (1-2 seconds), but I have found it is generally faster than a scene because the switch talks directly to the associated switch (I have a few that are less than 1 second delay).

Down side is that you can over ride the association (or only make it work some times). But you can set it so that for example turning on/off the garage light turns on/off the porch light, and then you can either have the porch light switch work independently or have it also control the garage light.

The Cooper and Leviton will give you either option, trigger a scene with instant status, direct association or both.