Best way to control light scenes?


I have been using Vera Plus for a few weeks only and I have been making light scenes, both motion triggered and manual triggered.
But often there is a few seconds lag before the lights turn on, and also they wont turn on at the same time, is there a way to remove
lag and make them power on/off at the exact same time?

Also I have some Philips Hue bulbs and I have been trying to trigger Hue scenes with the Hue plugin, but I cant get it to work, I tried to
trigger the preset scenes that come with hue + some that I made myself, but it will not operate, Im getting the scene “code” under variables in Vera,
it looks like this “4LhA4JRQwWZ2DgB” then I add this to the scene under hue plug in.

I have made a workaround where I trigger each hue bulb in a PLEG scene using hue and saturation values to set the colour, this works but its a lot more work. I would prefer if I could just trigger hue colours/scenes in a vera scene.