Best remote method to only view certain scenes/devices

So one problem I’m running into that is probably a basic solution, is as follows:

I have several devices and scenes, however in some situations I want to make sure I or my wife only use the ‘scene’, not the individual device. For instance, I have a device “Garage door relay”, and I have the scene “Garage Door”. The scene activates the relay, and then 5 seconds later deactivates it, whereas if I trigger just the ‘garage door’ device, it will trigger the relay until I activate it again.

Basically I don’t want to have the relay AND the scene ‘garage door’ show up. What’s a good way to be able to see the rooms, and what ‘available’ options there are for it (in this case, the ‘garage’ room would NOT show the ‘garage door’ device, only the ‘garage door’ scene)

Put all of the devices you want her to see in a room named for her use.

And then what app would you recommend using to be able to view the room?


What kind of device are you using? Android and apple apps very different.