Belkin LED (E27) WEMO control

Hi All,

Is it possible to control the LED light bulbs from Belkin (Wemo) with the Vera Lite? Any experience is appreciated before I buy them as I would like 5 bulbs to be controlled.

Many thanks

Did you look at the Wemo plugin by @futzle?

I’m pretty sure it’ll do what you need.

Sounds not very stable and it is not mentioning the light bulbs, only the switches and the motion sensors. Any alternative controlled lamps (E27) I could use?


The Wemo app not working…

The memo app is probably working but I would like to integrate in my Vera Lite System.


Not working at all… just hope that it will work again because now I can not use my Wemo switch with Vera… $$$ in the garbage for now…