Beginner question... do I need an online account at all?

I just got a new VeraLite off of Amazon… but when I tried to create an online account at “” it said that the “unit not available for assign” so I emailed tech support. (I guess a previous owner returned it to Amazon and then Amazon sold it to me?!)

ANYWAY, my question is not about that directly. I read somewhere on this forum that the online account isn’t strictly necessary to get a VeraLite communicating with devices. If that’s the case, how can I set it up to work now (without an online account) until vera tech support gets back to me?

I guess - It’s all down to what you want to do,

if you just want to add local devices and creat code locally you can, but if you want to access it remotely (Vera support too) or install apps from the Vera App Store then you’ll benefit from an account.

What firmware version is the Veralite running? UI5, UI6 or Ui7? if UI6 or UI7, then is the correct place to register an account. If however it is UI5, you may want to try and register an account at and see if that one finds your unit.
For UI5, your browser shows UI5 in the tab or window title. I believe the same goes for UI6 and UI7 but not sure.

As said, to get apps from the store, remotely access your vera or get support, an on-line account is highly recommended.

Thanks for the replies. Vera tech support said my unit was defective (!) and I just got the new one today. Crossing my fingers for better luck.