Battery Monitor and New update UI7

The new update for UI7 says it supports battery monitor. It appears different when it installs. When I save, it says" saved", but if I go back and look, there are no nodes saved. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. no change. I have ask Vera for help, but they want respond. Anyone else have this problem.

I have the same problem, after save no devices are monitored.
Is there at the moment a solution or is this app still not UI7 compatible?

I also have this problem and the help page for the app does not resolve to anything. No 404 error, just nothing comes up.

I would guess this is not UI7 compatible and that the app is no longer under development. Bummer, I was rather fond of this app before the UI7 upgrade.

Try recording the device numbers directly in the Advanced in the MonitoredDeviceList.

The device numbers are recorded comma separated with no spaces. Once you enter them tab to the next line which should save data in that variable.

Same issue over here. Running 1.7.513 installed the App and manualy added the devices in the advanced settings. Although the devices seem to be saved (if I check the advanced settings the devices are in) they do not show up in the battery monitor. Already during the installation it there seems to be an issue as it doesn’t finish the install. It states App installed but in the window which shows the progress there is a statement which failes. For now I keep using the eventwatcher app which includes a battery monitor.