Battery indicators on non-battery powered devices - UI7

Any idea why I have battery indicators on non-battery powered devices? It seems random. I.e., the indicator appears on one device of a certain type but not others, with the exception being it appears on all 3 devices created by the MyQ Gateway plugin. Here’s where I have them now, out of about 85 non-battery powered devices:

  • binary light device created by MyQ Gateway plugin
  • PLEG device (1 of several)
  • binary light device-GE/Jasco smart switch (1 of several)
  • both door lock devices (garage doors) created by MyQ Gateway plugin; one shows 100% and one shows 0%
  • 2nd zone device created by Onkyo Receiver (AVR) plugin; no battery indicator on primary zone device

All of my battery-powered devices correctly have the indicator.

Thanks for any input.

Update. Don’t know exactly when it happened but the extraneous battery indicators have disappeared. I’ve rebooted at least once since I noticed them so that could be what fixed it.

Yea… sounds like a bad bit in a byte syndrome…