Bargain for those in the UK.... Quick before they're gone

Was in my local Homebase last week and they had Energenie home plugs, a pack of 3 marked ?11.33 reduced from ?16.49.

At the till they came up ?19.99 but they price checked them and charged me the displayed ?11.33.

I got them to work with the rfxtrx no problem, they have better range than lightwave RF, they keep their settings when powered off and also they can pair both with rfx and the supplied remote.

I went back and bought another 2 packs this week, still the same deal for price.

Stock up while you can

Sorry to revive an old thread but can you tell me which protocol they were and how you added them?

nikc0069 I’m offshore at the moment but flying home today.

If you can shoot me a PM tomorrow evening or email me at and remind me I will check what settings I used.