Backups - files or a file system?

Are the Vera backups files - as in like a tar or zip file that you can extract a single file from? Or is it a file system? The reason I ask is I am wanting to decouple my Veras from the cloud as I am getting nervous about the longevity of Vera’s cloud abilities and I want to know how backups really work to know how to approach essentially open heart surgery on the device.

There’s already a script you can use to decouple your Vera, and it’s instantly reversible, so you can go back and forth at will.

But to answer your question, the backups are compressed archives of certain files, not all files, and not a filesystem backup.


That’s hugely helpful. I didn’t realize the script was reversible which makes this a tad less scary to mess with. I just have bad dreams of bricking the box and having an ugly process to re-include devices etc. I have Zwave backups etc, but playing well outside the intended use always makes me paranoid.

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