backup: difference between clicking on "create backup" and clicking file

On the SetUp > Backup page:
There is a button to “create backup”.
When I click this button, a file is downloaded with a name like: “backup.mios2-Vera3Pro-30012389-2014-07-03” which is listed as file type “Document”.

If instead I click on one of the existing files on the right side of the same page (which have names like: “3-JUL-2014 21:03”), a file is downloaded with a name like: “1404441716.tar” which is of file type tar archive.

If these are both backup files, why aren’t they the same file type, and do they really contain the same information?


They are both backup files.

When you click create backup, Vera builds and hands your browser a backup file of the Vera’s present state. Let’s call it a live backup.

The files on the right are archived backups automatically generated by Vera and uploaded/stored on MCV servers.

The archived backups have a .tgz(Tar GZip) file name extension. The live backups, for whatever reason, don’t have a filename extension so your browser is unable to detect the file type accurately. All of the files are Tar GZip(.tgz).

On a slightly related note, you’ll notice a Backup Z-Wave network button. It does what it says and stores the dumped data on Vera. While the data dump is included in all backups, manual or automatic, the data dump is manual only. Click Backup Z-Wave network button after successfully adding or removing devices from your Z-Wave network, otherwise, your backups won’t be as complete as you think.

Thank you so much for the clear explanation.