Awsome! An arduino based plugin to use any ir (including my harmony :-))))

A very economic and flexible solution

Please join me in thanking the author and… Buying the nano

Worth translating from french if you do not understand it!

Thanks for posting that guide. I think this is cheapest way to receive ir with Vera. My nano+ir receiver cost together 9 euros.

Looks interesting indeed but a translation would be nice.

Give it a second to load in english :smiley:

Thanks. I did not think much of online translators but your link made it quite readable. Replace ‘bookstore’ for ‘library’ and a few other mishaps but a lot better then my France ;D
This is something I’m definitifely going to try with my Harmony one. I was planning to use @Hek’s Arduino-project for this but this way it is even easier.

cool… I’d like to give it a go also. A few things ahead of it, let us know how you make out if you get to it before me :slight_smile:

Will do. I already had a Nano on order plus the stuff needed for @Hek’s RF project also including an IR receiver. The intention was to try to combine @Hek’s gateWay-sketch together with the IR-part on the same Nano. But now I will first try this IR-project on its own and get my Harmony configured.
The parts need to come in from China and were ordered a week ago so can take a few more weeks.