AWS IOT button

I got my Amazon AWS IOT button today. I rewrote Martin’s Alexa lambda code to allow the button’s single, double, and long clicks run any Vera scene or turn on or off any device. I set my single click to run my bedtime scene which turns off lights, arms sensors, and turns on a bedside hue, a double click turns off the bedside hue and a long click runs my panic button scene which turns on alarms and strobes. The raining hellfire system has not been added yet. I can also do all these things with Echo’s Alexa, but the button is nice. Amazon’s AWS is complex and ugly, but once you get through the one time code, it’s very stable. There is a 2-5 second delay as AWS authenticates to Vera and all the cloud operations take place. I’ve got my functions hard coded in the lambda function, and have to clean out the hashed pass, but I’ll share my code if you want it.

[UPDATE] Amazon’s been lagging, last night took 14 seconds!

i just got my button too! i would love to see your code, it would probably save me days of work

Code attached
requires changes to personalize (username, hashed password [ (dl, and run on local browser, not server)], and the three devices or scenes you want turned on or off)
requires remote access to vera to be on
I left my three actions in there so you can see what the format is (scenes start with a capital S)

awesome, thanks!

i cant wait to try it!

Noob here, got this working for my AWS IoT buttons, but can’t seem to figure out - would I be able to use this to enable/disable a scene?