Away vs. Home mode?

How do I have a “status” that is either Home/Away?
Other systems I’ve used have had the concept of a virtual device that is used to store the “state” of the home.
I don’t see a way to do that in Vera (UI4).

Basically I want a “Home” mode that sets the tstats and security one way, and when I’m away, it sets it a different way. I have scenes to get me into those modes, but I want to change the notifications/logging based on the state.

Search for ‘state device’ discussions. The simplest way is to create a regular binary device using its D_ file, it’ll have buttons to set it On or Off, and in your scenes you simply check the status of that device

If you have a phone with wifi an option could be to create a ping sensor. Lock the mac adress of the phone to a fixed ip, configure the ip in the ping sensor. When the phone is connected you are in the neighbourhood of your house. I dont know how reliable it will be…

But when everything in my house stabalizes i will try to see how this one works…

Just bear in mind that some phones the WiFi will deactivate when in standby (iPhone).

I’ve been running the ping sensor for a while with UI4 and a couple of devices including my blackberry and it does detect its presence very well, however the Arm/Disarm button does not work and I couldn’t get it to trigger any scenes either.
It will also create a bunch of errors in the luup.log also and if you have several running it might cause some stability issues.