Away Mode implementation using PLEG


Please help me in implementation of Away Mode using PLEG
Burglary Scenario : I do have couple of motion sensors in house. I need to set House mode to Away mode and Motion detection happens when its in away mode and notification need to be sent to my phone and email address. Please let me know the steps that i need to carry to Achieve this task.

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You can probably use the House Modes Plugin for this.

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Thanks for the reply Sammy, but I read PLEG is very efficient in implementation.
So if you have any thoughts please let me know.

Create an Action in PLEG … use the PLEG as the device for the action.
There you will see an action for to set the House mode.

Yes. PLEG will do it for sure and you can set up many triggers and logical equations.

I’ve used the House Mode Plugin for a couple of years for simple implementation.

I’m moving to PLEG for better logic though.