AVR plugin beta


Well, seems as if the connection issues are back…well sort of. The actual connection does not seem to be lost (when testing) but the UI7 GUI on the computer and iOS are showing the device is disconnected. ??? I know it is working because I can use the on/off switch on the iOS app and tested the Mute buttons on the computer. I attached 3 screenshots below from my computer dashboard showing what the A/V Device and Dashboard show but the on/off, volume, mute, etc… buttons all still work.

Any ideas?

Got any log data leading up to this? It may be the re-connect code but need logs to make sure.


I should have the log data since I set the one advanced setting back to 0 as you mentioned in a previous post. If you can tell me where to copy/paste the logs from I can attach to a post here. Just not sure where I am puling from. I looked in the “Logs” section of the device itself but there was nothing there.


Can you try the attached file for a few days and see how it goes.



Thanks. Loaded the files this morning. Will let you know how it goes.

Again, appreciate the help.


Thanks for this great plugin. Used it with UI5 and very happy to see it updated for UI7! If I want to change the text of the buttons for the inputs, do I edit the D_DenonReceiver1_UI7.json and change, for example (below) PLEX to XBMC?

{ "ControlType": "button", "Label": { "lang_tag": "Input3", "text": "PLEX" }, "Display": { "Service": "urn:denon-com:serviceId:Receiver1", "Variable": "Input", "Value": "HDP", "Top": 0, "Left": 460, "Width": "70", "Height": "25" }, "Command": { "Service": "urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:InputSelection1", "Action": "Input3" }

I’m thinking I’ll just change the input on the receiver directly, go to the device details, see what it says I’m on then change that corresponding input text in the json file to match what my system/setup names are. Is that the correct approach?


If you have a compatible AVR than naming should be automatic. First question is what type of AVR do you have?

Note: If you have a compatible AVR to make the automatic naming happen you need to go to the Devices and on the main device select settings → Advanced → variables and change “setup” to 0 and restart.

I have the Denon 4520.

I should be more clear. I’ve not taken the time to go into the Denon setup menu and change the CBL/SAT input to ‘Directv’ or the ‘Blu-Ray’ input to be ‘XBMC’. In my AV Control setup (which is Roomie Remote on an iPad mini) I have activities such as Watch TV, Watch Movie, etc. that, for the most part, use the logical input you would think they should. But, AUX1, for example, is an Apple TV and the Game input is an actual blu-ray player for the very few times I rent a disc. I was thinking it would just make my life easier for any future Vera integration if I named the inputs on the device to be, for example ATV instead of AUX1.

If you suggest, for simplicity, that I rename the inputs on the actual receiver and let the plugin read them from there, I can do that too.

How is this progressing? Is there a current version available for download?

I haven’t dropped support all together but finding it hard to fit it in anywhere with family commitments.

All good, I know that feeling. Keep us posted if you do find time. Thanks for all the work to date.

I know that the plug-in isn’t actively being supported but I’m poking around in the implementation a bit myself. I was hoping there was some background documentation that might help me. Currently I’m trying to get the tuner inputs to be supported and at this point it looks like that is only partially implemented. Any background documentation that might make it easier for me to dig through this would really be appreciated!

Anyone got a tip for me. Plugin works but then, after an hour or so it just loose connection until i reinstall

getting error…

Denon Receiver (AVR) via RS232/Ethernet[541] : Startup Lua Failed

I have an AVR-X4300H connected via Ethernet. IP addr, port, etc are all correct.

It worked for me the first few days but now I get the above error, even after uninstall/reinstall twice

any ideas?