Automating Door Locks

Hello, I have the Schlage locks paired with the Vera Lite and everything is working great. The locks are installed in a clubhouse by the pool and we would like to have the locks unlock at 7AM and lock back at 10PM…

This may be simple but I am a little new so any help would be most appreciated.


You just need to create two new scenes with a schedule. The first scene locks the doors every night at 10 PM, and the second scene unlocks the doors every day at 7 AM.

Scenes are created Automation >> New Scene. Once in the scene, just click the lock or unlock button for your door locks, then navigate to schedules, and click add schedule. You will want to select “Day of the week based” and then just select the days of the week and the time you want it to run at. That’s all there is to it!

Be sure to add a check somewhere to avoid anybody being stuck in the clubhouse :wink:
have a nice WE !

Thanks so much! I was able to get the scenes done. I really appreicate you help!

Have a great weekend.

Just to add, you might want to add more timers, in case someone locks or unlocks them outside the right times.


It’s more complicated, but you could add LUUP code to unlock the door during the day if someone locks it (and vice versa at night).

Some ideas here:,10435.0.html