Automate Lights turning ON and OFF based on Timer

Can someone take a look at my status report and see if there is something wrong with my logic.

I have the timer set for 10min and the light turns off even though there is motion in the kitchen.

My PIR is ZOOZ 4 in 1 sensor, model: ZSE40

I have prefixed T1, S1 , C1 so that logic can be grouped to together


For battery powered motion sensors:

  1. Turn on lights on Motion
  2. Start Timer on !Motion
  3. Turn off lights on (!Motion;!Timer)

You need to understand the compromises a battery powered motion sensor introduces.

So what suggestions would be the best way in applying logic to have a Battery powered motion sensor, check every 10min for motion and if not turn off the light.
Honestly I don’t mind buying the batteries for this as hard wiring is not an option

Read the previous POST!

Most folks incorrectly start the timer on Motion … which is fine for wired motion sensors.