Auto-Reboot Vera on software crash, ping still responding


Sometimes after one month or more time of good services, my VeraLite crash. It appears that I can still “see” my Vera on the network, as the Ping give me response. But the Vera software is not responding. No Scenes are running, http interfaces doesn’t answer, even cmh doesn’t work.

I assume that the system is still alive, as I can ping it.

I’m just asking if there is a way, in such a situation, when the Vera Software is not responding in http and with cmh, but the PING is responding, TO REBOOT the Vera system automatically?

Now the only solution is to unplugg the Veralite to reboot.

Any help welcome!


I placed a response on the other thread where you originally asked the question.,12978.msg99660.html#msg99660

The other thing I would not recommended automatically test and reboot due to other potentially issues such as an infinite loop. Error > restart > error > restart etc… Maybe, test notify and manual execute reboot.