Authomation HD

Where can I download this beta app for Authomation HD? I am using Vera Edge with UI7 latest firmware and I can not connect remotely with Authomation HD. Let alone setup the Active server, Primary server and Backup servers. Does anyone have this information to share?

A good starting point would be the authomation sub forum under general → remote control. There is an authomationHD beta thread in there that has the download link for the latest beta.

Please do realize that, although the beta is functional, the author has moved on to the OpenHab platform and app development has been ceased quite a while ago.

To add, my replacement to AuthomationHD was “Imperihome” app.

Yes I have since pitchase Imperihome Pri and it reaponds very well. I am also using Tasker to help voice automate. It works well. Thanks for all your input in helping me. U was hoping AuthomationHD was going to take on a new life and become one of the app people truly sought after for automation. Aithough i did get it to connect remotely and pulled all my devices/scenes/apps from my VeraEdge. Some, such as my Fortrezz leak sensors, some apps and z wave repeater is a “?” mark for icons. However, they all respond well and work.