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The text issue appears to be due to the font used in the phone. It appears fine on ice cream based roms and some gingerbread phones. This will be fixed in a future build as I have done away with the buttons. I have attached an image of what I mean.

As for the status bar (green bar), this displays the info contained in the vendor status variable.

  • Garrett

Ok but this variable is an optional vartiable ? (meaning not set by all plugins)

This variable is part of the alarm panel standard. But I believe not all alarm panels use this variable.

  • Garrett

I finally discovered that an option exists to automatically refresh data at startup 8)

There is also the option to have the data refresh in the background. I find that it has little affect on battery performance.

  • Garrett

[quote=“PurdueGuy, post:19, topic:171696”]I just installed ICS on my HP TouchPad (CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 2). No issues getting things up and running.

For others trying it, I do get an error when I hit the voice recognition button. However, it looks like it is not limited to AutHomati0on HD. I know with CyanogenMod, the audio “is a mess” so I’m not surprised. I know they have audio out working (can hear keyboard sounds and Netflix) but I don’t think the microphone input is supported yet. It is supported in some nightlies, so I’ll keep trying and maybe I can get there.[/quote]

CM9 Alpha 2 does not have proper audio support for the microphone (or camera input). The latest nightlies apparently have the new audio lib and support for the mic but I haven’t gotten around to installing/testing those.

I’m definitely going to use my spare TP as the main remote for my use using AuthomationHD. It would be a bonus if teh voice recognition was working.

Just upgraded to V2.0.3.0 - the new layout is great. Please keep an install package on Wuala as this is one of several Apps I can’t download from the Android Play store (screen size issue I think, tab not rooted).

Anyway, the Fibaro Universal Binary sensor does not display temperature on Authomation - the devices show up with the question mark. However the two inputs show up as motion sensors ok. I’m not sure if this is related to pasting the D_TemperatureSensor1.xml into the child widgets in order to display temperature on the UI5 (1.5.408) dashboard?

It depends on how the devices shows itself in the lu_sdata. Right now the app goes based off of the category number and if the data for that category is available in lu_sdata. I development version of AutHomation 2.1 will use the device type of the device to figure out what type of device it is and what data to show. This will require UI5 1.5.372 or newer. Also AutHomation would also need added support for that device which I have to add. I’ll try and get copies of the release onto Wuala.

  • Garrett

Just to clarify - V2.0.3.0 is on Wuala already - thats where I downloaded it from.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, I will provide future updates on Wuala as well.

  • Garrett

Probably a stupid question: how is working voice recognition in AuthomationHD ? What shall I say for example to switch a light ON ?
I tried "ON " but no matching.

Have a look at the first post:,9716.0.html

You need to either say “Turn On " or " On”.

  • Garrett

When will this be available on the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Playstore says it is not compatible with my device.


Use AutHomationHD from the play store. But you might want to use the current beta located at the top of the sub forum. A lot has changed from the play store release and it is a much better release. It fixes many many bugs and new features. I should be releasing a new beta build shortly.

  • Garrett


Sorry to dig up an old thread but I need to download Authomation none HD version or version can’t find any active download links.

If anyone still has a copy.


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