Are the Vera servers down?

At first I thought it must be the AWS Amazon server outage somehow affecting Vera, but now I’m not so sure.

I can connect to my Vera from home just fine, and everything works, but via the web I get;

An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please try again later!
Error Unable to communicate with your unit. Please be sure the unit is powered and connected to Internet.
For more information go to

This has gone on for a couple days, so I thought I might hear something about it in the forums… but nothing. Anyone?

I got this alert about remote access from Vera a few days ago but it says the incident was resolved:

MONITORING INCIDENT: Degraded performance - Remote access UI7
Incident Report for Vera Control, Ltd.

New Incident Status: Resolved
UI7 Remote access is fully working.
Sep 18, 23:51 PDT

Previous Updates

We have identified a performance issue with one of our relays, for clients in some limited geographic areas.
Our sysadmins are working to fix this network related issue.

If you encounter issues connecting remotely to your unit, please open a ticket with the customer care department, and provide us a traceroute to the remote server.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this incident has cause.

As always, should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at


Network Operations Team
Vera Control, Ltd. ▾ Smarter Home Control ▾ +1 (866) 966-2272

Quick update; after a few days of “no web access”, I had to conclude it was “just me” and contacted support. After a few more days, they got back to me, got into my Vera3, and fixed it. What they did is unknown (I asked, but no response so far).

At any rate, I’m back online.

I am having the same issue… I guess ill email support.