Archive video with Foscam FI8905W

I have the Foscam FI8905W IP Cam & it does not seem to be able to archive video all I get are snapshots. Not sure if I have settings wrong. I’m new at working with vera. Can I get some help please?

You must input the MAC address in order for that function to work. Go into the camera setting under the advanced tab and scroll down to the mac address, and then retrieve the number from the bottom of your ip cam, input and save and after it reloads the lua you will be good to go

do you input the MAC in the “setting” tab too in addition to the “advanced” tab? also under the “NOTE” in the “settings” tab, it says “you must register on the server before the video archiving will work”. do you know what this means, where to register and what server? where can you find the archived photos and/or videos? sorry for too many inquiries and thanks.

once you input it in the settings tab it should fill in the other instances where it shows up. After you input and save and after a few minutes of it restarting you should be able to go back in and see that it filled in the other areas. As far as registering you should have already set up your account once you initially logged in with the Vera. Your Mios account. You don’t have to go anywhere else and register again, as the instructions kind of reads. Once you enter your mac address, click on the archive button and it should take you to the archive servers page or it may prompt you to log in to your mios account. If you have to log in, you will need to go back and click the archive button again. Then it will take you to the page. If you have a pictures that have been taken they will show up there. If you don’t and just want to check it out. click record it will prompt with how may seconds, type 10 and you will get one or two pics in that time span. then after it will say it will prompt you in your alerts, but just click on archive again and it will take you back and it will be there. Good luck

sorry but i don’t see the archive button in mios.

sorry but i don’t see the archive button in mios.[/quote]

ok i saw the archive pictures. thanks.


I have the same camera, does it only archive pictures with Vera? I’ve never figured out how to archive video?


Thanks, ElMagnifico! This info got me up and running!

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