Anyone who has trouble connecting sercomm cameras to vera for remote access

I’ve read in some posts on the web that people are having trouble connecting a sercomm cam to vera and also in the wiki for micasaverde that sercomm cams are not possible for access with the vera unit. I’m here to tell you that this isn’t true. I have 2 sercomm cams that I have Verizon firmware installed and was told that I would not be able to use the cams with out Verizon service do to no interface availability. I am currently using the Vera app for remote access to the cams. I have not had a chance to exlore complete functionality. But if anyone wants to know how just ask. there is no need to search for firmware to use with these cams. Sercomm RC8221 and Sercomm OC810V.

I had the VZ HMC also. Trying to access my P/T Rc8061 but cannot find out the userid or password. I can only connect thru ethernet. tried contacting Sercomm with no help whatsoever.Any chance you have the userid and password for admin access?

Gonna spend some more time on the phone with Verizon and try to get it…last time i kept getting transferred allover the place because they are all idiots…one operator told me it is the same as your username and login pass for verizon but i will have to get them to reinstate my email account and try again from there…if it doesnt work then i guess we can all forget about admin access to the cams…but you can still use them and securely with your vera unit…i believe when used with vera they are as secure as your vera unit is…so all is not lost…also if you want to connect them wireless you can…use the WPS feature on your router and there will be a WPS button on the cams too…my outdoor cams WPS button had to be depressed with a paperclip.

LOL!! I contacted them too. Told me to contact sercomm, which apparently has no customer service. VZ disabled the WPS button on the MI424 routers.So i think my only way to access the Cam is thru the the IP address. Brutal

Try calling Verizon and ask them why you cant use WPS on the router…i know its because of the firmware but then go into explaining that you have a camera you would like to use on your LAN and want to connect it using the WPS feature as it is the only way you can connect it to the WLAN…then they will probably say " Well you need to purchase the Home Monitoring and Control package…at least at that point you will get somewhat of a clear answer as to why they dont allow the WPS access on the router and whether or not you affirmed that they are douche bags…LOLOLOL ;D…ill keep you posted on the username and password issue.

Confirmed!!! Thanks. Im gonna keep working on the userid/password too.Will update if i get anything

Took some searching. I have RC-8026W Sercomm cameras, but may work.
User - administrator
Password - (blank)
Hope this helps. Now I have to figure out how to enable the wireless on mine. Vera fails to do it, and don’t see how to do it by logging directly onto the camera.