Anyone using googleplex for iPhone?

Looks interesting but a bit slow.

[quote=“mbairhead, post:1, topic:180766”]Looks interesting but a bit slow.[/quote]
Slow is an understatement. They also left out the bits where Siri, that ignorant $%^@!, keeps failing to understand and asking you if you’d like her to search Google for something completely unrelated, thereby wasting another 15 to 20 seconds.

I don’t really have that problem with Siri anymore. In fact, I’ve really started leaning on her a lot more with the latest OS and all the CarPlay updates.

/Presses button.
Tinkle. ♪ Where would you like to go?♪
Find - nearest - gas - station.
Tinkle. ♪ I found six Starbucks pretty close to you.♪
Find - nearest - GAS - station.
Tinkle. ♪ I don’t understand.♪
Tinkle. ♪ Would you like to know the weather in Tegucigalpa?♪