Anyone tried the Sunricher Touch Panels?

Anyone tried the Sunricher Touch Panels?

They look very nice…

They look nice and would be perfect for a project I am looking at. Do you know of a stockist for EU models.
Any idea on price?

Just for information.
I have been in touch with Sunricher regarding their z-wave range and they have advised that these products are a new addition to their range and are currently only available to their key account clients and I have not seen any pricing yet. I am hopeful that as the design is based on their existing range it is only the addition of z-wave which was necessary and should not cause a massive price rise.
The big question of course will be as to how they will pair and function with Vera.
If I can find out where to purchase and if they are not over priced I will purchase and test them.

Statement from Sunricher

‘Confirmed, yes, our Z-wave items can work with France Vera products, one of my colleague’s client tested before’


Just to say that I have just ordered

1 off SR-ZV9003T-RGBW-EU4 @ 39.00 USD
1 off SR-ZV9103FA-RGBW @ 35.48 USD

direct from Sunricher to test and then use.
Once they arrive I will report on hw well they work and how well they integrate with Vera.

I’ve been in contact with one of their key account customers (reseller) and the plain dimmer is working fine with Vera (and Qubino dimmers). The RGBW dimmer had software issues and a new version with fixes and improvements are under its way.

I’ll order a couple next week so see.

Just ordered one. Will have it in hand in a couple of days.

I got mine today. It looks nice and was easy to hook up and includes in Vera very well.

A couple of things:

I expected it to have a some what of a back light. It does not.

When associated with a Qubino dimmer, just pressing the “on button” in the middle, does not turn the light fully on. Nothing happens most of the times. Sometimes it turns the light on and it fades fully out right away. Using the button in the middle to turn light off (on a Qubino dimmer) works though.

One use the 1,2,3,4 buttons on top to select what association to operate, then the dimmer and small buttons under operate on that association. There is no indication on which of the associations (which one of the 1,2,3,4 buttons) one are operating on.

Hi, got mine today but decided to put it into its own topic.