Anyone setup Iqeye Cameras on vera ???

Hi all, I am trying to add my 4 Iqeye753 to my devices manually, has anyone done this. I am thinking its the path thats causing the problem I cant seem to find the push code only the html page. Any help would be appreciated.
BTW my Vera just arrived today so I have no Z-Wave devices yet.

Did you get this working? If so, I’d like to update our supported hardware wiki page. If not, ping us on tech support and I’ll try to find the solution and put it in the wiki.

Hi No not as yet I would really appreciate it if your techies could look into this. Many thanks

Micasaverde, any feed back on this item, have you passed it on to your tech guys. I would love to integrate these cameras I have 4 and looking to add more so control remotely via Vera would be fantastic.

Steve, did you contact tech support as he mentioed? If not, you might want to do so.


D have done now thanks fingers crossed.

I know I am reviving an old thread but I am curious if anyone got this working.
I am trying to set one of these cameras up. I was able to get a picture when adding the device manually but once the device is added it says “undefined”. Anyone know what settings I need to add to tell Vera that this is a camera? Also, I can’t delete it. It gives me the error “command failed invalid plugin”. Not sure what to do here.