Anyone installed the HomeManageables TS001 Temp+Humidity sensor

Has anyone successfully installed the HomeManageables TS001:


That would be ideal for something I was wanting to do, if it works.

I have it sort of installed, Vera sees it as generic and though I get readings from it for temp and humidity (only in Celcius on the dashboard though the unit itself can display F) I cant get any of the alerts to work properly yet, will call tech sup tomorrow

Do you know if the unit can be installed outside - under cover so it doesn’t get rained on? I can’t tell from the online docs if that would be OK.
I just want to read temp and humidity so it looks like it may work for me as a standard device.

although the unit looks reasonably tight I don’t believe it’s intended for full outdoor use (documentation doesn’t say) , even a heavy dew might infiltrate it, mine is not in the kindest environment (crawlspace) and so far it’s ok, operates in a temp range of 14- 122 F

neat little product…the guys at everspring were showing me this at CEDIA. MCV should buy some and sell them on their store.

Reports temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

Set high and low alert limits

Low battery indicator

just an update, in version 616 this sensor (TS001) shows temp and humidity but didnt work reliably in scenes, installed the 939 beta and now it shows only temp and doesnt show up as a device at all in the “add event” device dropdown, on the plus side the other sensors on my simple system (HSM100 and appliance modules) are sending alerts much more reliably so far in the beta, trouble ticket submitted re: the TS001
PS: displays farenheit on dashboard with 939

one more update, after a couple days on beta 939 the HM-TS001 is not responding at all

Have you opened a support ticket on this?

Yes, but I did not submit it again when it stopped responding, I am not onsite so not sure if removing reinstalling will get it responding again, will try tuesday
Update: sensor is responding again with above mentioned limitations


there is an open bug report for this:

Aaron is working on it.

Have we ever gotten a resolution on this?

I am running 1.980, I get temp but no humidity and shows up as generic IO.

that is the current status, however if you go to devices>advanced, I believe the “current level” reading is humidity

I talked with Aaron today and I am going to send him one of my units so he can get vera to work with the TS001 properly.

Excellent! I look forward to it 8)

Aaron - Wanted to make sure you got the Sensor i sent you. Let me know.

just a bit of follow up on this thread, someone had asked if the TS001 could be installed in a protected spot outdoors, I have pretty much torture tested my TS001 partly by accident, it was installed in a crawlspace I knew was damp but didn’t realize it also had condensation dripping directly on it, in that situation it lasted a suprisingly long time (aprox 6 mo) before it began to report temps I knew were not correct, once I was onsite I saw there was moisture inside the reading window so I dissasembled it and used a hairdryer and hallelujah! it rose from the dead, I installed it back to the same spot as that’s where I need the temp but this time I screwed the mount through the inside of an inverted ziplock bag, I leave the bag open at the bottom so it can read humidity, so far several weeks and it’s working fine, seems a pretty tough unit though it cant tolerate direct water

Yeah mine is in our screened in porch and its holding up fine!

It works in the new firmware.