Anyone doing .NET development?

I’ve been tinkering with the idea of doing some .NET CF work to create a UI that I could load on an old WinCE or similar device to act as a controller.

Has anyone else done any work with .NET yet?

I’m sort of thinking about getting a few old iPAQs or similar and mounting them in the walls to act as whole house controllers…

I’m tinkering with a .NET speech recognition and script editor/engine application (with full plug-in model) for another automation package, but the design allows for extending to other systems like Vera as well. I’m still pretty early in it, so Vera integration is still down the line. However, abstracting the communications with HA systems is an interesting problem.

But for simple control devices, creating a web interface probably makes more sense assuming the devices you are using aren’t too sluggish or have browsers that are too limited. For a more generic system, something like Yahoo!'s Blueprint, might also make sense to target a broader set of devices ( Yahoo Developer Network ) with the least amount of effort.

I had the same idea for using PDAs and Web tablets as HA controllers talking to Vera, as mentioned in the “More interfaces” thread.

But unlike you, I’m not a .NET developer and was thinking about some other implementations…