anybody on ui7 with working leviton devices?

Bought a veralite bundle(came with a veralite g?) over the weekend and haven’t had any success yet.

everything in my house is ivory colored so i purchased leviton devices…possibly this was my first mistake?

VRCS2-MRZ - I tried every way mentioned on this forum on how to add it to vera and finally returned it this morning. Not much else to say here, it didn’t work. Added 3-4 devices depending on how i did it and eventually the vera would lose contact with the device.

DZS15-1LZ - Added it about a half hour ago. Add Device->Additional Devices -> other zwave device. For the first time in 3 days i actually controlled a light from the web ui. About 10 minutes later it stopped working. The dashboard says “Device NOT responding” & “1 device is no longer connected”. In the devices section it has all bad news depending on when i look. It says “Device failed to configure”, “ERROR: Cannot send command to node”, “Cannot contact device, error code 2…”, “Failed at, Please wait, Getting the manufac…” etc. Similar to my experience with VRCS2-MRZ. My vera is 3ft from the switch. All the setting are at their defaults.

The ge devices in the bundle seemed to work fine but are fairly useless now that i see that only work with incandescent bulbs. I did a factory reset so they aren’t included at the moment.

Anybody have any advice? Return the bundle? it’s ui7 firmware, downgrade to ui5? user error? leviton isn’t compatible? Bad hardware?

Thanks for looking

I’m 6 hours into this so i’m far from experienced. My hopes of plug n play missed horribly.

The Leviton devices that you listed do work with Vera. The VRCS2-MRZ can be tricky to configure, as you have probably seen from the forum posts, but the device does work.

My guess, is that your issues are due to communication problems. It might be that your Vera is too far away or that your Z-Wave network is too sparse for the mesh to provide proper coverage. It might be that you have metal gang boxes that are impeding the signal. It might be that there is too much RF interference. It might be that your routes are being broken by you moving the Vera to a different location and you need to heal the network.

I cannot tell you precisely what your issue is as I don’t have the necessary information about your setup and environment. However, I can tell you that the devices you have mentioned all work with Vera.

I bought one of the bundles a few months ago. The plug in GE dimmers work fine for me with CFL that have dimming capability. Just don’t run them too low on the percentage.

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